Project #2: AIGA Vote Poster

This project is about getting people to vote for 2016 election. During the brainstorming, I had difficulty because I wanted to do something different. My concept narrowed down to using anime character, Saitama from “One Punchman”. Due to the copyright and since I do not own the character, I changed my idea of using a character but to use a silhouette. Combining Saitama’s iconic “fist” that indicates “Strongest anime character”, and the use of type, “BE A HERO” “VOTE” shows the straightforward message to the people who watches anime.

Concept: Attract people who watch anime. Using the method of Pokemon Go, to make people more active to go outside to vote. Going a little far away from the election (images).

Progress 1: Brainstorming

Progress 2: Final 2 Sketch

Progress 3: Illustrator and Photoshop

Reference: Used
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Final: *I don’t know what happened to the desaturated fist, so I am talking to Professor about it to fix. It doesn’t let me upload PDF or Tiff because of data usage so, it’s a bit distorted.