Project #3: Narrative Illustration (Not finished uploading)

Pitch: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (commonly known as Alice in Wonderland) is an influential fantasy genre by Lewis Carroll that was written in 1865. It is both popular in culture and literature that shows imagery of anthropomorphic characters who encountered with a girl named Alice. This unique narrative course and structure makes anyone wonder if this tail had been made by just an ordinary English mathematician. Lewis’s story made many writers and illustrators expand its potential in a genre where it makes the story continuous.

Original Story/My Story:
Alice in Wonderland /

Summary: In order to bring back the madness through the land of wonder, once a powerful leader must conquer back what was hers from the hands of cursed Alice.

Genre/Target Audience: Horror & Action/Young Adults


Process #1: Thumbnail
sketch-1 sketch-6sketch-2

Process #2: Narrowing it down from Thumbnail
sketch-3 sketch-4 sketch-5

Process #3: 4 Final from Thumbnail
admin-ajax sketch-1-791x1024

Process #4: Detailed 4 sketches/Character Design
img_0095 img_0094img_0097img_0098img_0099

Process #5: Value Studies

Process #6: Learning Color

Process #7: Color Rough

Process #8: Final Illustrations
parade fighting