About me



Hello, my name is Ayano and I am currently a graphic design student at City Tech. I was born and grew up in Japan and moved to New York nine years ago. Even though I lived in this county for eleven years, I am still learning English. Learning English was difficult for me to proceed because it seems like I started learning the language late. I once heard from my tutor when I went back to my country that it was hard for me to learn a new language because a younger brain is more flexible to learn a new language, it is easier and be closer to the native speaker. However, learning from my peers made me who I am now; it is still difficult for me to tell how I feel about certain things or what I am trying to say. I picked communication design as my major because I want to proceed with my career with a character designer for anime. I want to move back to my country and continue on learning their way of doing the field that I am interested in. I also want to use my skill to show what I am capable of. My hobbies are drawing, watching anime, reading manga, playing games, and listening to music. Here are my personal drawings. Another reason why I picked my major is that my dream came from my liking of hobbies. Many people would want to aim higher like a doctor or lawyer, etc. However, I push my hobbies to aim my dream career.