Homework #2

The compilation of images in Carrie Mae Weems project “From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried” conveys a strong message, in my opinion, of the ironies and tragedies faced in the lives of African Americans. I think it’s a soulful depiction of a soulless time in American history. The images show the ill treatment and stereotypes that African American slaves had to live with while the text pinpoints the genre to specific references. Upon first watching the video I was moved and then angered at the fact that people have been treated so inhumanely and continue to be treated this way and in other forms of dehumanization even in today’s modern world. In this specific photo set it’s daunting to think that these people were unwillingly objectified like this and that they represent only a small portion of an oppressed population. Between the image and the text on each individual photo, the text is what first captured my attention. I had to first read the text, analyze the image and then look at the overall product. It’s not really effective if you were to just glance over the whole thing reading and looking at the image at once. If there were no text over the image I feel as if the message of the collection would definitely be more open to interpretation. The text solidifies Weems intentions of creating the exhibit.

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