Homework #1

Edward Jenner vaccinating a boy. Oil painting by E.-E. Hille

The image I chose was of a woman holding a young boy receiving an injection. The people in the picture look like they are at home in their living room. The family doctor has stopped by to give the child the shot. The young boy is sitting on it’s mother’s lap while the doctor inoculates the child. Two other children look on at the doctor. A boy looks on while holding the back of the doctor’s chair. A girl looks on from the other side of the doctor and holds a basket behind her back. The artist uses tenebroso in this picture. The background surrounding the people is dark while a strong light shines in on this family and doctor. You can’t make out the surrounding objects in the far background. To the side of the people is a child’s crib. I chose this picture because vaccinations happen to be a very important part of living. In earlier times, things were done differently. Instead of people traveling to a doctor’s office to receive care, doctor’s would travel to their patient’s home. In this instance, the doctor has traveled to this family’s home. He could be there to administer medication to the child because he was sick or they were trying to prevent sickness. The children and mother all look on in awe.

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