Homework #2

I believe the revival of the tintype photography was an interesting move because in our generation, tintype is very rarely used by photographer to the point where people might not even know what’s tintype is. When Ed Drew decided to use tintype style photography, it allows the audience to see photography in a whole other ways. When looking at Drew tintype photograph, it very different to the common photography style we used today. It gives a very vintage feel. Since Ed Drew photograph military/war related, tintype allows the audience to feel a specific way. The effect of tintype allows the subject to have more emotional impact to the viewer. While looking through Drew photograph of soldier, it contain a certain emotional feeling. Each photograph show the struggle or of them being in war based on their face expression or even pride for their country. It’s very beautifully done. He was able to convey the essence of beauty in his photograph. Each photograph he done was a way to create the memories to be shared with their their loves one. It’s a perfect way to treasure such authentic feeling, story, history, etc. So although tintype might not be popular now but, it’s definitely a perfect way to create such beautiful photograph that an average camera couldn’t do.

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