Carlos Alvarez Homework #2

All around the world, you notice people renewing things that were once used. For some people, it is extremely successful, meanwhile for others, it is not. Ed Drew is the man who has brought back the photographic process of tintypes. A photographic process that was created and used during the Civil War is now being used again by Ed Drew to record himself and his fellow soldiers in a unique way. Of course, he could have simply used a digital camera, but Ed Drew wanted to tackle the obstacles that might have prevented him from taking amazing photographs with the tintype process. Personally, I think it is a wonderful thing. It is always great to be a little bit different than anyone else. To show yourself and your fellow comrades in arms in this unique manner is heart-warming. Not only is he creating a wonderful memorabilia, if the unexpected were to happen, but he is showing the world how the soldiers wanted to be seen. The gloss of the tintype really makes the soldiers come off as confident and unique individuals. If more photos of modern warfare were to be taken in this manner, I feel as if there would be an increased amount of ways to show a variety of emotions, emotions that might not be able to be shown with a digital camera.

Tintype photos by Ed Drew

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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Good point about the ‘gloss’ in the photos making the soldiers appear more confident. The vibrancy of the medium and how it makes people look sharper, thus more confident as you note is not something I’ve considered.

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