Homework #2

I believe the revival of this old process to document modern warfare is a brilliant idea. It’s amazing how Drew has tintypes of his comrades in Afghanistan, Combat Zone. The tintype will express the individual of the soldiers. To show how much they are willing to protect and serve our country but to reveal that they are also human. I agree that Drew could’ve used a digital camera to shot over hundreds of photos, but it isn’t as unique as tintypes. He had some difficult times, with the weather and his timing. Although it didn’t stop him to pursue his idea of showing their humanity within the shot. As well as the process of the tintype was difficult, as they said “the chemical have to developed the negative while the plate is still wet or the image is ruined”. Personally I think it’s great to have a photo of your loved ones or your heroes in a thin sheet of metal on your hand. It has much more value than just a regular digital photocopy of them. It has more value because the tintype has shown how heart warming the photos can be and timeless they were by the plate color.


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