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Homework 4 Robert Frank Americans

The themes in Robert Frank’s The Americans were artistic, bleak, and political; therefore it was a realistic depiction of America. Through his photographic book, Frank showed the world how complex it is to be an American. Frank addresses the feelings … Continue reading

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Stevenson : Homework 3

Robert Whelan’s arguments regarding Robert Capa’s photograph “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” are very convincing because he builds his argument by refuting other arguments, which removes the reader’s doubt that Whelan is speaking accurately. Whelan also used irrefutable scientific evidence … Continue reading

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Wartime Diets

I did not find it strange that the soldiers heavily relied upon coffee. Modern day people rely on the beverage to give them the energy need to complete tasks through the day. I did not find anything fascinating about the … Continue reading

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I found it interesting that men over thirty years old take more photographs of themselves than women who are over thirty years of age. However, that data coincides with the idea that women over thirty years old are increasingly more … Continue reading

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