Elaine Wu – Homework #4

After viewing the video about Robert Franks photography, I believe that he’s very artistic in a unique way.  Aside from that, I still think that many of his images are quite political. Although, his intentional was to capture “the people of America”, some of his pictures still somehow show a historical context depending on how you interpret it. For example, one of his famous photos in the cover of “The Americans” would typically show a daily lifestyle according to Robert Frank. But many other people viewed it in a political perspective  because the image shows how colored people were sitting on the back of the bus meanwhile the non-colored sat on the front of the bus. Thus, that shows segregation and during the 1950’s, there was racial segregation going on. What also I found amusing about Robert Franks picture’s was that he plays around with blur and focuses on a certain person or people and blurs everything else. It shows us a story and tells us what the image is focusing on.

Without Robert Franks photography, we probably wouldn’t have much historical images about racial segregation back in the 1950’s.  It’s a good thing that there’s a current exhibit that dedicates all of his work.

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