g singh: robert frank’s america

After watching the video on Robert Frank and the rarely seen photographs from the Americans, I felt Robert Frank’s photographs were somewhat bleak and political and mainly artistic. Frank took these photos which also showed how life was after world war two. The book generally focuses on the average everyday life of people in America at that time. The curator Peter Galassi introduces photos of people who in which he mentions that America looks bleak and people seem distracted and bored. The picture which shows an African American woman holding a baby was surprising which involved people of different color living amongst each other. The curator says Frank didn’t understand why the white woman can trust the black woman with her child, but not sit with her at a table. Frank’s photographs were also artistic because the photos did manage to tell some story and have a meaning as well as the inspiration that Frank had to take these photographs. Some of Frank’s photos show a political view in which people are showing their pride and are holding American flags. Robert Frank is a great photographer who managed to capture American’s lifestyle and give a sense of the country at that time.

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