Homework # 2 Civil war

The diets that the people had during the Civil War were fascinating. Each had a different type of food and diet that they had to live through due to the scarce in food and supplies. The most fascinating food that I see would be the hardtrack. This type of food is a simple type of biscuit or cracker that the soldier would use during the Civil War. I really admire the size of the bread and how well it could be preserved even during the Civil War till now. The hardtrack is also easy to create with only flour, water. You may throw in some salt to add flavor in it. It may seem to be just a simple old cracker but to me it’s like a survival food with a great history.

The type of food item that I could not live without would be rice. Even though it’s not always the most health of food, rice is still easy to carry, make, and is quite satisfying for a simple meal. Rice seems to go well with other dishes and can easily be a useful side dish.

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Homework # 1 Texture

The food item on this picture is called an oatmeal scone that I had this afternoon. This was my first time making this type of baking this type of bread in the college baking class. Originally this was supposed to be an oatmeal biscuit, however it was changed into an oatmeal scone. The texture of the biscuit was soft and flaky feeling. Its taste is different from any other biscuits, this biscuit also has orange zest and juice inside the bread giving it a fresh orange taste.Though some may say plain oatmeal biscuit is good enough I really do enjoy this interesting new taste of orange in this biscuit. Kind of looks like a pie.