Week 12 Documentation

During this week’s lab assignment, I was setting up the camera and animation for the video capture. Making the animation tracks for the camera was not too difficult. I had one mistake happen with the animation track since the rotation of the camera flipped in the middle of the animation, a few areas of the clip were also sped up due to too much movement of the camera in a small amount of time. When trying to export the video in 1080p HD the exporting process was very long moving literally frame by frame. After about 40 minutes an error occurred and forced me to close the Unity. When I reopened it, the animation wasn’t saved and the video it exported was corrupted so I had to start over. With the new animation made (which was better), I began to export it with a 720p HD setting and it again took a long time. This time it had exported the full video but I left it running for a bit too long so I had to trim the video itself down a bit. Below is a link to the video as I couldn’t upload here directly.