Week 9 Documentation

For this week we had to continue building on our VRChat custom rooms. I left the original room from the tutorial alone and decided to expand on the entire structure itself. I got rid of the balcony that was given to us and I added in a new room. The new room was made to be a bit more eerie and dark. I added in a few broken objects and dead plants that I found on Sketchfab into this room and to the outside area that the player can view from the small window. The only problem with this would be trying to move things around once everything was baked, such as the main camera I used to take the photos below, it would move very slowly to get to where I needed it too. Overall it was a fun experience to mess around with. I used ProBuilder and ProGrids to make the new layout of the room and make all the objects snap as smoothly as possible to their respective surfaces.