Week 2 Pictures

1. This is a picture of different monsters from the series Monster Hunter. I chose this because a lot of these monsters are old and new but the quality of this image shows them in a new light, especially the older ones. The game is very fun and challenging so it helped push me into much harder video games instead of the easier ones.


2. This is a character from a car game called Cardfight Vanguard. I chose this because I’ve always liked the cards and their art style especially the group called Royal Paladins (which is where this one is from), they always had a sense of justice and knighthood which always draws me in.


3. This is an anime called Ace of the Diamond. I chose this picture because this anime and sport-related ones really interest me. They give me a new way to look at sports that really draws my attention.


4. This is an old Animal Crossing game and was my first game on the original Nintendo DS. I chose this because this was a new game to me. Before this, all I knew was Pokemon and Digimon. For me to play this and very much enjoy it was something totally new to me.


5. This is an old Pokemon game and was one of my first ever to play. I really enjoyed the game and I chose this picture because games like this are what made me want to pursue something in the game design department.



6. This is one of my favorite Mexican foods called Tamales. I chose this picture because they are something that is eaten within my family every year around the holidays so it has been in my life since I was very young. I would want to make them as good as my grandmother one day.