Week 11 Documentation

Working on this week’s assignment was very weird on my end. At first, I ran into an issue with the software since it wouldn’t let me upload photos and only videos, then when I would upload the videos, it wouldn’t accept them. After I figured out what I was doing wrong I noticed that my scans looked nothing like how the examples had shown. When I added the textures and built the meshes I was left with something that looked either close or not at all like the pictures. I wasn’t sure how to fix this, I tried following all the steps that were shown as much as I possibly could but I still ended up with the photos below. When adding the obj files into my VRChat room, they also didn’t have the textures I had added from within Agisoft. Honestly, they ended up looking like pools of cement.

Photos I took (about 10+ each)

What the 3D scan gave m:

How it ended up looking in the VRChat Room after importing: