Final Project Normcore Documentation Week 1

I made an account and downloaded Normcore’s plugin onto my desktop to give it a try. I opened up a new 2019 unity version project and follow the documentation tips they give to test out located on Using the 2019 version, everything seemed to be working out just fine until you reach the multiplayer step. When I tried to export the project as they did in the photo, it wouldn’t let me run the project in a windowed screen, only Fullscreen. I changed the player settings for the build and still the same occurred, Unity documentation states that in order to not have full screen, one would need to add a line of code to their script to not have it happen. Since I was not familiar with Normcore’s code, I didn’t want to mess with it, so I scrapped the project and began it again from the beginning on a 2017 version. When I exported it in a windowed setting, I could see that I could move and create a cube using the built version as well as in the Unity Editor itself. The only issue was that each cube would only show itself moving if I was clicked onto the specific window, meaning if I was in the editor then the cube, I was moving would not show changes on the built version until I clicked on the built version. The next problem I ran into was that, the cubes would sometimes just disappear, I’m not sure why they would do this, but I feel like it may have been due to too many changes being done between the two windows as well as using a 2017 Unity version as the example uses 2018. I restarted the project again using the 2018 version and the entire thing worked so effortlessly just like their example. I believe this will mean that for the best results, I will have to be using the 2018 Unity Version for any projects involving this in the future. For the continuation of this week, I will be working on making my own small simple game using Normcore’s plugin as the multiplayer base. Below is how the multiplayer feature looked side by side using just one computer.