Week 5 Articles

  1. The Top 50 XR Experiences Of 2019


This link shows a lot of projects and information about each as well as a video connected to them that really shows all the different kinds of XR/VR experiences people have made.

2. 4 Feet: Blind Date


4 Feet is very interesting in that it tells a story about a disabled person and there aren’t many of those that I have seen in our society.

3. 2nd Civil War


The concept of a 2nd Civil war is interesting but it was hard to find an article that spoke specifically about this one piece but I still wanted to show it, as it is something that could affect us in the future.


4.  Traveling While Black


I think this experience is something that is very good for people to experience as it can show what people of color had to deal with in past generations and it shows how different our society really was.

5.  Home After War


I chose this because it shows the destruction and the hurt that follows war. It shows what people are really left with after the fact especially when it isn’t you who is suffering from war.