Post 2 – Logo Design and Precedent Studies

  • For this post please post your logo precedent studies (1 board 11 x 17) and your own logo design.  For your own design show how it would be applied to a flag, a banner (attached to scaffolding or other structure) and the short and long side of a container.  Use the categories “Commercial Project” & “Post 2 – Logo Design”
  • Begin to design your space.  Develop your program, consider which other spaces it will relate to, determine how your space type will layout in different numbers of containers, 1, 2, 3, etc. and determine the optimal size for your design.  I want to see a minimum of three options.  These do not need to be posted but must be ready at the start of class.
  • Remember your videos must be ready for review at the start of next class.  (see previous post)
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