Comments on Project Review Assignment

I received a question on the Egress Study regarding dealing with multiple floor.  For each building you must look at the whole building Рmeaning all floors.  This includes structure, mechanical, egress etc.  For example you may require different structural spans or column spacing on different floors.

Division of work assignments was due today.

One of the teams has still not posted how they intend to divide up the work.  Please add this ASAP.

This assignment is due posted on Wednesday by midnight and printed for class on Thursday morning.  

One member of the team should  compile this assignment as a single PDF to include all team members work and post it on Blackboard by Wednesday evening at midnight.

Please arrive at class early so you can print your marked up sheets on 11 x 17.  If you cannot arrive early Рthen please select a team member who can arrive early to print and pinup for the team.

Pinups will be in the corridor just outside our room.

Grading of Team Schedules

The grading ranged from A to B.  All team members were given the same grade unless you  were not in attendance and therefore did not contribute to the creation of a team schedule Рyour current grade will show as an F.  When your schedule is coordinated with the teams and the team schedule is updated your grade will be changed.  When this work is submitted your grade will be lower than the rest of the team as late as per the course policy.

Grading Criteria included the following:

  • Does your team schedule indicate when different members are available?
  • Do you indicate enough hours during the week for work to be completed properly?
  • Do you provide enough detail?
  • Did you include a list of collaboration and communication methods your team will use?
  • Does your schedule appear on the website as an image?
  • Is your link setup to open in another tab? ¬†(it should)
  • Do all team members names appear on your team schedule?

Team 2 created a very good team schedule.  If you wish to review it please go to their team website or follow this link,  Go To Team 2 Schedule