14 thoughts on “Ask your Revit Scavenger Hunt Questions by commenting on this Post

  1. How can i make the drawings on the layout in black and white ? Is there something similar to CTB file in Revit? Please explain more about families, how can we export Autocad titleblock to Revit.

  2. When we do a horizontal and a vertical cut, we may end up seeing the other cut line. How do we remove the other section lines that exist on one section that you did?

  3. How can I change the text in the title block? And how to change the color view into black and white? I would like to know the right scales for each drawings, and also I would like to know how to layout, what I should include in the sheets.

  4. How can I get rid off the colors of the plan when you already have tried every graphic display options and the color does not go away? if it does, is not the kind of graphic display you want.

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