Team Plotting for Monday

“If you build they will come”  “If you plot it I will mark it up!”

For Monday it would be great for each team to plot full size 22 x 34 one of each of the following sheet types:

You can add isometric views to detail sheets if it helps you understand what you are doing or if it helps to communicate your details to others.  Remember to use the cropped Orient to View method outlines in the scavenger hunt tutorials.

Architectural Drawings

  • Cover / Title Sheet (One Great Perspective and Drawings List)
  • Architectural Floor Plan w/ Furniture / Walls /Doors and Door Schedule (typ 1/8″)
  • Architectural Reflected Ceiling Plan – with lights/supply & return (typ 1/8″)
  • Exterior Building Elevations (typically same as plans 1/8″)
  • Whole Building Sections (typically same as plans 1/8″)
  • Wall Sections (typically 3/4″ or larger)
  • Plan Details @columns (3/4″ or larger)
  • Stair Sheet (Plans & Sections)  (1/4″ or larger)
  • Partition Types (From Autocad)

Structural Drawings

  • Foundation Plan – Shows Footings (typ same as architectural 1/8″)
  • Typical Structural Plan (typ same as architectural 1/8″)
  • Structural Section (typ same as architectural 1/8″)


Presentation for Thursday the 16th of April

Work can be shown either in group or individual.  You are to outline all of your structural and building systems and address the following questions:

  • What is your structural grid spacing and spans?
  • What are you using for long spans?  How deep are they and did this affect your floor to floor heights so that you have head room below the structure?
  • What are the main materials or your exterior facade?  Masonry? Precast? Metal Panel? Concrete? Curtain-Wall? Punched openings/Windows? Other?
  • How do you mechanical systems work?  Where does fresh air come into the building? Where are your shafts and how does air circulate vertically through the building?
  • How are your cores and stairs located?
  • Please provide floor plans showing corridor circulation/

Today and Next Thursday

Today we covered:

  • a review of floor slabs and editing the profile or sketch to make custom shapes and openings.
  • a review of stairs and making modifications to the stair sketch
  • the creation of our own custom partition types (1 hr, 2 hr, shaft and non-rated)

For Thursday be prepared to create the following:

  • Structural Concrete Foundation Wall & Footings
  • Concrete Slab on Grade
  • Isolated Concrete footings and columns
  • Concrete slab for first floor
  • Steel columns for the first floor to the roof
  • Concrete on Metal Deck for the second floor to the roof.

For Monday March 23rd

Continue to work on your project and have the following complete at the start of class.

  • Grids & Levels (from prior assignment)
  • Add shaft openings for elevators, stairs and mechanical shafts
  • Add stairs to the drawing
  • Begin to create walls. – for each wall you must know the wall type and you must have this drawn on your partition sheet.  So far you will need at least three walls as follows (shaft wall – 2 hr rated) (corridor wall- 1 hr rated) (demising or standard wall with 1 layer 5/8″ GWB each side of metal stud frame – unrated)
  • During next class we will work on creating our own wall types and we will begin to add structural columns.  After this we will work down to create the foundation walls and footings.

Structural Grid Assignment

To clarify this is not a graded assignment in the sense that it does not need posting on blackboard.  It is critical however that none of you fall behind as we are about to pick up the pace.  You all need to be up to date with your assignments at the beginning of class or you will not be able to follow along on the days lesson.

This Thursday we will be putting in our slabs, cutting slab openings and developing our stair and elevator cores.  If your grid is not complete you will not be able to complete the in class assignment.

Also – please print your scavenger Hunt sheets for me at 11 x 17 and put them on my desk in the morning.