Due for Monday Reminder

For Monday you have two things to complete –

  1. Bring you building property line dimensions to start your project and you must know both your floor to floor distances and your column grid spacing.  We will be starting your building on Monday.
  2. Scavenger Hunt Assignment is due for Sunday evening.  You must complete 3 separate stories – see assignment description.  In addition your titleblock must include your photo and your name and you need to add descriptive leaders to your details.Remember that the first two sheets – Perspective and Full Plans are optional and will not be considered for extra credit unless you have submitted 3 Scavenger Hunt Stories.

    Upload this completed assignment as a single PDF uploaded to Blackboard.

Grading of Team Schedules

The grading ranged from A to B.  All team members were given the same grade unless you  were not in attendance and therefore did not contribute to the creation of a team schedule – your current grade will show as an F.  When your schedule is coordinated with the teams and the team schedule is updated your grade will be changed.  When this work is submitted your grade will be lower than the rest of the team as late as per the course policy.

Grading Criteria included the following:

  • Does your team schedule indicate when different members are available?
  • Do you indicate enough hours during the week for work to be completed properly?
  • Do you provide enough detail?
  • Did you include a list of collaboration and communication methods your team will use?
  • Does your schedule appear on the website as an image?
  • Is your link setup to open in another tab?  (it should)
  • Do all team members names appear on your team schedule?

Team 2 created a very good team schedule.  If you wish to review it please go to their team website or follow this link,  Go To Team 2 Schedule