I am very excited for a new semester, even in this very challenging time. I am excited because I am so happy to work with each of you to help you continue your journey towards a degree and a better future. 

I am an architect, urban designer, and educator. My journey has taken me to many corners of the world, including Pittsburgh, South Bend Indiana, London, and New York, with travel to fascinating places like  Morocco, Mali, and Montana to name a few. I am an avid observer when I study the places I am designing projects so I can better understand the place and local people and culture. To learn about me, see my website portfolio here: https://www.jasonamontgomery.space

Great Mosque of Djenne, Mali

View of Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Please introduce yourself to me and your classmates. You can do this by adding a comment to this post. You could include your academic interests, why you chose your major, what you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time, or anything else you want to share (include your pronouns, if you wish).

Before our first class, please add your introduction and read any comments to your introduction. Please also read your classmates introductions. 

Get to know your classmates! Reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.