Place of Reflection Kings Park. Plan E, 2012,

This Project Description spoke about a site built in Kings Park, located in Western Australia. The name of this space that was built is called, “Place of Reflection”. In the description of the space, the writer began by explaining that the new space was built in Kings Park to marry both of the spaces together because of the parks original natural beauty and the purpose of the new space which is healing and reflection. A main purpose of the space, according to the author, was to provide “opportunities to pause for reflection or quiet contemplation before gradually entering back into everyday life”. After wards the author gets more specific with the descriptions of the space. One thing they mentioned was that there is a pathway which is inscribed with motivating words. The materials for this creation were chosen to match and resemble the natural environment/ outdoors, surrounding the space. The colors chosen for the space as well were chosen to match what’s going on in its surroundings. The main point for this Project Description was to provide details of how they managed to create a space, specifically for reflection.

For this source I wanted to choose something sort of different. I wanted to get more specific and find spaces that have been actually designed by architects and built for the main purpose of Reflection. This way you kind of see the way an architect thinks and what their perspective on reflection is and what it looks like to them. Similarly to the other entries, this entry focuses on nature and how it can help with healing and reflection. The source mentions how the architects incorporated nature into the space and how they used the existing outdoor nature to complement the space. This is something I will always agree with. I feel as if nature does help you better focus and reflect on anything. Nature always creates a great ambiance which allows you to reflect effectively. Something else I found interesting in the description was the pathway having inscribed words of inspiration. In your own space for reflection, you don’t necessarily need to have words inscribed in your floors walls , ceilings, etc. This can be translated into posters or little notes that keep you motivated. Once you are motivated you think deeper and reflect deeper. This source definitely helps answer what you should look for when choosing a space for reflection. Maybe you should consider surrounding yourself with nature when you know you need to reflect. Also writing down things that can improve your reflection is helpful.

I cant really describe the tone of the Source. If I were to choose a tone, it would probably be more of a serious tone. Since its an in detail description of the project its harder to find the tone. The intended audience is anyone looking for inspiration on what to include in their space or what kind of space to look for. I would have to say that is the purpose as well, to serve as inspiration. The genre of the source is a Project Description. I feel as if the source is credible since the site is the official website for the space itself. I enjoyed the writing style of the author since it was well detailed and I was able to understand everything clearly.