Khyriel Palmer_Susan Sontag and Plato’s Cave

After watching Plato’s Cave, I felt that its meaning was to show people that photography could help show you a world that you may never experience. So you can always make up your own assumption. But you wont know how it will be until you experience it for yourself.

In Susan Sontag’s, she uses the metaphor of Plato’s cave to describe the role of photography in contemporary life by explaining how there are so many images out there that photography has grown to the point where there are rules and guidelines to it. There are so many categories out there that it is to the point where almost every picture taken is unique. Also she states that thanks to pictures, we have a slight understanding of the things that we never ventured off to experience. Such as going to Japan, many of us never have been there but thanks to the photographs taken, we have an understanding of how it would be to travel there. But you still wont know the full experience until you do so.

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