Blog Response 2.

After reading the text it is hard to imagine a city where it can follow the rules to serve the public. In this day and age we see a lot of misconduct from both the people and authorities. As written in Cahill’s “The Right to the Sidewalk” she interviewed young people that have been searched by police. In their cases they were just walking to school till police came up to them and searched them. I think we are unable to have a city with a culture of participatory sharing in which public space is utilized to serve the public. There are people that will follow the rulings they have but there are more that abuse the power they have.

In the article “Sweetness in Public Space” by Fallen Fruit, talks about how there are fruits growing on public streets. The fruits are being wasted by just falling on the street and not being picked by people. Since it is on public street ideally people can pick them. This article also talks about how these fruit can attract people to go to selected neighborhoods, depending on what fruit is in the area, and have them look at the neighborhood they are in. They use this to show public space and people can see the culture of the neighborhood.


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  1. Christopher Swift

    On one hand you are saying that communal space is impossible, but on the other you write how the Fallen Fruit project was successful in solving a social need with communal action. Can you imagine how a similar action would be possible in NYC? Even something on a small scale?


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