All blog posts should critically analyze, not merely summarize course readings address the prompts below. To receive credit, posts must be 150-200 words in length and submitted on time. Create a post by clicking on the Image result for circle with plus sign icon icon on the top of this page and selecting “post.” Be sure to publish your post!

Blog Response 3 Due 10/17/18

Post the in-class work you did in pairs on 10/10/18. Make sure that 2 citations and descriptions are posted and that you and your partner’s names both appear on the posts.

Blog Response 2 Due 10/10/18

In response to readings: Cahill, Fallen Fruit, Eisenberg

In light of the problems with policing and surveillance outlined in the Cahill text and the competing pressures of individual rights and public order outlined by Eisenberg, “is it possible to imagine cities with a culture of participatory sharing in which public space is utilized to literally serve the public?” (Fallen Fruit, p. 228) What might this culture look like? What obstacles to civic participation and sharing must be overcome?

Blog Response 1 Due 9/12/18

In response to readings: van Heeswijk, Franck and Huang; Golan

In their book chapter, “Occupying Public Space, 2011” authors Franck and Huang discuss the adaptive use of public space and use Zuccotti park to describe the concept of negotiated use (p. 16-17). Using examples from all three assigned readings, discuss how the use of space is negotiated. Consider: who is involved in negotiating how a space is used? who has power or authority over the use of space? what role does the occupation of space play in redefining its usage? how are “cultural interventions” like those described by van Heeswijk potentially used to transform spaces?