“The Right to the Sidewalk: The Struggle Over Broken Windows, Policing, Young People, and NYC Streets,” and “Some Unresolved Constitutional Questions” both describe the freedom of speech and public use in different ways. According to “The Right to The Sidewalk,” Cahill describes the unfortunate racism young blacks face and how police officers still stop young people in the streets just because “they look suspicious.” On the other hand, “Fallen Fruits” explains how people can get together. The writer explains how fruits fell in the streets of Los Angeles to rot, even though other people starved. The people of LA weren’t knowledgeable of the laws of picking up fruit from the floor, therefore, did not use that public space given. In relation, Zuccotti Park is a privately owned parked made to “serve the public,” however, the people were forced to leave and until today there are restrictions by forces. Overall, from the readings, I can say that it’s challenging to become cities with a culture of participatory sharing in which public space is used to serve the public. As long as differences, discrimination of races and environmental injustice exists, our society will lack sharing.

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