Documentaries & Podcasts

Performance Documentaries and Podcasts

Black Lives Matter: The Story of a Slogan. BBC World Service Documentary Radio: 

Bread and Puppet Theatre Podcasts: David Cayle ; Audio Interference

Reverend Billy Short Videos  

The Hand that Feeds (undocumented immigrants in food service, 2015) 

Artists evicted in Gowanus. Radio Free Gowanus (2015). 

Lower East Side Community Gardens. Audio Interference (2017) 

Social Justice Tours. Audio Interference (2017)

Podcasters & Propagandists. Audio Interference (2017)

Taylor Mac sings Amazing Grace. (2017)

The Next Epoch Seed Library. (2016) 

This is America. (2017) 

Good Morning Gitmo. Hilmy, Mishu and Eric Simon (2014)

Resist: To Be With The Living (Living Theatre documentary, 2004)

How to Survive a Plague (Act Up documentary 2012)

Stonewall Uprising. (PBS: American Experience, 2011)

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present (2012)

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping (2002)

Documentary on August Boal and the “Invisible Theatre” (1978)