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Class Response 10/10

Patrick Chan

Social Issue: Mass School Shootings

This article talks about a school shooting that happened in Scotland. It happened during March 1996. After this happened the British government changed their gun laws to where people are banned from privately owning guns. This article relates to our social issue because gun laws need to change. There has been no progress on stopping mass school shootings and it has become way too common of an occurrence in the United States.

Baker, A. (2015). In Scotland, Unlike America, a Mass Shooting Led to Stricter Gun Laws. New York Times (1923-Current File), p. A14.


Tanner Lee

Social Issue: Mass School Shootings

I choose this article, because it stresses the importance of gun laws. California a state that already has laws revolving gun laws; passed more laws to make gun laws even more strict. Which it revolves around the issue of school shootings. It was in a direct response to the school shooting in Florida with Adam Lanza. It turned the age from buying a shotgun from 18 to 21. There’s a bunch of other laws regarding gun laws and gun control to crack down on the mass shootings that have occurred. So this article helps encapsulates the issue of school shootings and how the response should be in accordance to the issue of school shootings.

CNN. (2018). California already had the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They just passed a bunch more. CNN Wire, p. CNN Wire, Oct 1, 2018.

Blog Response 2.

After reading the text it is hard to imagine a city where it can follow the rules to serve the public. In this day and age we see a lot of misconduct from both the people and authorities. As written in Cahill’s “The Right to the Sidewalk” she interviewed young people that have been searched by police. In their cases they were just walking to school till police came up to them and searched them. I think we are unable to have a city with a culture of participatory sharing in which public space is utilized to serve the public. There are people that will follow the rulings they have but there are more that abuse the power they have.

In the article “Sweetness in Public Space” by Fallen Fruit, talks about how there are fruits growing on public streets. The fruits are being wasted by just falling on the street and not being picked by people. Since it is on public street ideally people can pick them. This article also talks about how these fruit can attract people to go to selected neighborhoods, depending on what fruit is in the area, and have them look at the neighborhood they are in. They use this to show public space and people can see the culture of the neighborhood.


10/3 Class Activity

Jameel Thomas

Patrick Chan

Topic: Patterson Strike Pageant

  1. Tactics – The company wanted to add more looms in the silk factory. The workers did not like it because it would make them work more. Then the workers proceed to go on strike and marched in Manhattan. Owners then negotiated with workers that were willing to go back to work for wages and hours.
  2. Issues – The silk mill wanted to added two more looms which would have a total of four looms. The workers claimed it would be too much work with the amount of workers they had to operate the two extra looms so they went on strike.
  3.  Time Frame – Jan 27th 1913 – July 20 1913
  4. Place – Paterson, New Jersey. There was a march on June 7th 1913 on 7th Ave Manhattan.
  5. Results – After the strike ended the workers and owners relationship changed significantly. Whenever a group of workers were unhappy the owners would try to resolve the problem before the workers would go on strike. By having this strike it saved the industry in Patterson, New Jersey.

Blog #1

Patrick Chan

In “Occupying Public Space” by Franck and Huang, they describe public space as a place where people can gather. For example, people can gather for a protest or celebration in the designated area. But they have to follow the set the rules that is enforced by law enforcement. The author describes Zuccotti Park as a public space where people can come freely and has a significant history that was used for 9/11 anniversary ceremonies. Since this park is privately owned by the Brookfield Properties, they made the park public so it is accessible for people all day.

In Golan’s “The Office of People”, he talks about how someone with power or high social status can create a public space. The company Occupy recreate a public space where people can come together freely. The space can be used to express yourself or create a group of people with a cause.

In Jeanna van Heeswijk “The Artist Will Have to Decide Whom to Serve”, she describes public space as a space were people can gather to communicate. She doesn’t say that the space has to be in one specific area but it can be anywhere as long as people can gather and communicate with each other. The purpose of creating the space is to “establish a place where people can teach each other what it takes to become active citizens.”