10/3 Class Activity

Jameel Thomas

Patrick Chan

Topic: Patterson Strike Pageant

  1. Tactics – The company wanted to add more looms in the silk factory. The workers did not like it because it would make them work more. Then the workers proceed to go on strike and marched in Manhattan. Owners then negotiated with workers that were willing to go back to work for wages and hours.
  2. Issues – The silk mill wanted to added two more looms which would have a total of four looms. The workers claimed it would be too much work with the amount of workers they had to operate the two extra looms so they went on strike.
  3.  Time Frame – Jan 27th 1913 – July 20 1913
  4. Place – Paterson, New Jersey. There was a march on June 7th 1913 on 7th Ave Manhattan.
  5. Results – After the strike ended the workers and owners relationship changed significantly. Whenever a group of workers were unhappy the owners would try to resolve the problem before the workers would go on strike. By having this strike it saved the industry in Patterson, New Jersey.

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