I felt that this was my strongest image. The diffused lighting adds a nice glow to her face and makes the image evenly lit creating a nice balance.

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DIY Home studio

This is my at home studio. I used several different foam boards for the background. They varied depending on which shoot i was completing at the time. The ones used in this picture were black. I also used a lighting kit purchased from online as my main light source. When shooting in Low light conditions i used my Tripod to help stabilize the image. One of my struggles was i had no source to eliminate some dark shadows that sometimes appeared on my images.  I fixed this by adjusting my subject as far away from the background as i could and by adjusting my lighting to a 45 degree angle to make the background fade out and avoid showing any creases on my board. Another issue i ran into is where I would find a decent space to fit this studio. I settled on my home entryway because it allowed me to control any ambient lighting.   I believe this project showed me that I was really able to make a low cost studio in the comfort of my own home and it delivered decent results.


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KRoldan DIY Studio


My DIY studio is a small and simple setup. I took a white cardboard that folds in three I found laying around the house. It fit perfectly on  my two wooden cupboards I that are stacked on top of each other. My light source comes from an Ikea lamp handed down to my by my sister-in-law. The light that comes out of it is pretty weak which is why I took many photos with strong shadows. Since the lamp is short, I use a folding chair as a base. I tried using tracing paper to remove reflected light but it cannot replicate the effect of a soft box. My tripod was put away at the time of the picture but it is more than tall enough for the setup. After becoming bothered by the background the cardboard was creating, I decided to take a large sheet of paper from a drawing pad I had and lay it over the board. With this, the texture of the board is no longer distracting in the photographs I take. I plan on using my studio in the future to photograph some personal belongings I collect and I’m glad I was able to create it.

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Childhood – REstrada


My favorite shot from the Childhood Toys Shoot was this one. The lighting is close to high contrast but still to see the details within the shadows. It gives this image a friendlier feeling due to that light being cast. It was also a great moment too attempt capturing motion by catching the fish while it was being arced across the background. A definite happy vibe comes from this picture.

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DIY Studio – REstrada

So when it came down to creating a small studio setup I had to adjust for the idea that the location in which the studio is kept is always changing. So in my case I made a portable solution so I could shoot from wherever within my home rather than just a designated spot. Several different bulbs were gathered for the lamps and as for the tripod I had to make shift a stable ground out of books and cases to get the angles I wanted. Overall a pretty awesome way to start learning how to get around with what you have setup.

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LL4- Studio Light Basics – REstrada

For this assignment we had to deal with lighting and shadows. This had to be my favorite shot from the photos we took due to the high contrast defining the shape of both the egg and garlic. We also kept the camera at an eye level to establish a closeness to the subject. The placement for the light was that it was to cast light from the left at a slight angle overhead.

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LL7- Multiple Exposures -REstrada



The assignment for this week involved us having to take multiple exposures for our shots. This idea has always intrigued me in manner in which one has to set this type of shot up. The basic idea is to have strobe light pointed at the subject and have it flash to take the image of subject and change its position. In this image I have myself wander about while the flash is being pressed to capture my movements.


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LL6 – Splash Photography REstrada


This week’s assignment was to capture water in motion. Handling this task involved us to have the light striking a white background to keep the background well lit. This would help reduce the amount of reflection seen in the glass and allow us to capture an image of the water while it was being splashed. This shot most definitely took some practice to get the timing of the exposure, the composition of how the camera should be aimed, and finally the wrist motion to get the water to make the motion we sought out.

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DYO Studio


This is my studio i am using a budget monolight, a light stand and foam boards. havign the monolight is very resourceful

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Stuffed Animals


I really like this photo that i took in class because i decided for this shot to be submerged into utter darkness while the strobe light acts as another object making realism and replicating a moon. The duck is really happy which i also considered for making this shot.

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