DIY Home studio

This is my at home studio. I used several different foam boards for the background. They varied depending on which shoot i was completing at the time. The ones used in this picture were black. I also used a lighting kit purchased from online as my main light source. When shooting in Low light conditions i used my Tripod to help stabilize the image. One of my struggles was i had no source to eliminate some dark shadows that sometimes appeared on my images.  I fixed this by adjusting my subject as far away from the background as i could and by adjusting my lighting to a 45 degree angle to make the background fade out and avoid showing any creases on my board. Another issue i ran into is where I would find a decent space to fit this studio. I settled on my home entryway because it allowed me to control any ambient lighting.   I believe this project showed me that I was really able to make a low cost studio in the comfort of my own home and it delivered decent results.


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