KRoldan DIY Studio


My DIY studio is a small and simple setup. I took a white cardboard that folds in three I found laying around the house. It fit perfectly on  my two wooden cupboards I that are stacked on top of each other. My light source comes from an Ikea lamp handed down to my by my sister-in-law. The light that comes out of it is pretty weak which is why I took many photos with strong shadows. Since the lamp is short, I use a folding chair as a base. I tried using tracing paper to remove reflected light but it cannot replicate the effect of a soft box. My tripod was put away at the time of the picture but it is more than tall enough for the setup. After becoming bothered by the background the cardboard was creating, I decided to take a large sheet of paper from a drawing pad I had and lay it over the board. With this, the texture of the board is no longer distracting in the photographs I take. I plan on using my studio in the future to photograph some personal belongings I collect and I’m glad I was able to create it.

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