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KRoldan DIY Studio

My DIY studio is a small and simple setup. I took a white cardboard that folds in three I found laying around the house.Ā It fit perfectly on Ā my two wooden cupboards IĀ that areĀ stacked on top of each other. My light … Continue reading

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Multiple Exposure

  This photo was one of the ideas for our story where we had someone randomly give birth to a coat. It was amusing to shoot and it came out better than expected. The shutter speed setting was set to … Continue reading

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I like this photograph because of the saturation of the water with no use of photoshop. I also like the texture of the water because it looks more like ice frozen in air. Ā The result wasn’t what we were looking … Continue reading

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  This photo has a low key contrast. The light used a spot grid modifier to help direct the light onto the subject intensely. Since the light was too strong at first, we off centered the light to keep the … Continue reading

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  This photograph was taken using a continuous lighting. Since the light is coming in from a low angle, the shadow that was casted was more dynamic. The light is coming in from the side as well, as indicated by … Continue reading

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The first exhibit we visited was in Aperture Foundation titled The New York Times Magazine Photograph, which feature images from various photographers. The purpose of the photographs in the exhibition was to provide images that depicted current event. Some stories … Continue reading

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I decided to use this photograph as my bestĀ because the lighting is well balanced. The broad-face lighting works well because it brightens out his his facial features. The fill light is subtle but still manages to remove some shadows from … Continue reading

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LL2 Photo

  IĀ found this photo to be strong becauseĀ ofĀ the difference in tones of each half. The contrast really catches my attention. It also uses the foreground middle ground and background to give a strong sense of depth.

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HW 1

Although the Honda FCX may be the future for vehicles, it wonā€™t sell well with the audience because of the way it is portrayed. As sad as it seems, people donā€™t care for what a car will do for the … Continue reading

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Nicolas Duers

Duers’ photograph of cameras is approached with the use of front lit lightingĀ the creates high contrast thanks to the colors the subject. He emphasized the camera’s textures by keeping all of them in sharp focus. The focus is maintained between … Continue reading

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