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Childhood – REstrada

My favorite shot from the Childhood Toys Shoot was this one. The lighting is close to high contrast but still to see the details within the shadows. It gives this image a friendlier feeling due to that light being cast. … Continue reading

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DIY Studio – REstrada

So when it came down to creating a small studio setup I had to adjust for the idea that the location in which the studio is kept is always changing. So in my case I made a portable solution so … Continue reading

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LL4- Studio Light Basics – REstrada

For this assignment we had to deal with lighting and shadows. This had to be my favorite shot from the photos we took due to the high contrast defining the shape of both the egg and garlic. We also kept … Continue reading

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LL7- Multiple Exposures -REstrada

  The assignment for this week involved us having to take multiple exposures for our shots. This idea has always intrigued me in manner in which one has to set this type of shot up. The basic idea is to … Continue reading

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LL6 – Splash Photography REstrada

This week’s assignment was to capture water in motion. Handling this task involved us to have the light striking a white background to keep the background well lit. This would help reduce the amount of reflection seen in the glass … Continue reading

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LL3- REstrada

During our portrait class shoot I believe that this is my best photo. The photo captures a very serious expression that works well with the fill light. The portrait follows along an eye level composition to bring even more attention … Continue reading

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LL2 – R Estrada

This photo is my personal favorite from the shots we took during class. The composition consists of the image being shot from a low-level to give the studio light a more direct sense of focus. If anything the selective focus on … Continue reading

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HW1 – Tim Wallace R Estrada

It has come to my attention that the current sales of The Honda FCX Clarity is being hindered due to the public’s view on the car. Currently this view is that the people see this car as inferior just because … Continue reading

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LL1- Greg Shapps – Coke AdOn

At first glance the image is clearly an advertising photo due to the composition. The photographer, Greg Shapps, is trying to make the selling point the taste of the Coke drink. The image itself interests me because Shapps manages to … Continue reading

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