HW1 – Tim Wallace R Estrada

Shelby GT500

It has come to my attention that the current sales of The Honda FCX Clarity is being hindered due to the public’s view on the car. Currently this view is that the people see this car as inferior just because it is an electric car. My goal is to change the opinion of the people into wanting this car and wanting it for what it can do. I believe at the very moment that Tim Wallace is the photographer to bring that idea to life.

Tim Wallace has shown within his car photo work that he is indeed capable of bringing out the features of the car and defining them. Whether its narrating a story with environmental elements, lighting, or placement, Wallace ensures that the audience’s eyes are drawn to the car within his photos. The style that Tim Wallace brings to the table is that he is able to make an instant impact with the images that he takes. The use of direct light combined with low key tones brings out and highlights the car’s angles and form. He also shows and aptitude to be able to flaunt a car in several different viewpoints including eye-level, overhead, and low level. I believe that it is these qualities that we will be able to entice the customer into wanting to buy this car due to how it can perform and its capabilities.

In the current manner that the Honda FCX Clarity is being displayed in this “modern day car” style is not a strong selling point. Rather than trying to sell it as a car that fits into today’s world, why don’t we use the resources that are available and sell the car for what it can do and build on that. We should be able to push the fact that this car can indeed perform, it can compete, and it can handle itself as an electric car to the customer. And Tim Wallace is just the photographer fit for the job.

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  1. rmichals says:

    The example you chose I think is very indicative of Wallace’s style. Your selection of Wallace would certainly work to make the car seem extraordinary.

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