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DYO Studio

This is my studio i am using a budget monolight, a light stand and foam boards. havign the monolight is very resourceful

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Stuffed Animals

I really like this photo that i took in class because i decided for this shot to be submerged into utter darkness while the strobe light acts as another object making realism and replicating a moon. The duck is really … Continue reading

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Still Life Ads

This project was a great experience because we had a focus and an objective to advertise the good and the bad of the pineapple industry. I thought it was a great way to be able to let go and be … Continue reading

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Colored Water Surpriszed

After a lot of tries we finally got to get the right curvatures that was needed for the heart shaped photo. I also learned how we can take photos to the next level. It was also hard because we had … Continue reading

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Multiple Exposures

It took a long time to get this photo well done. It took many tries, but after awhile i finally got the hang of it. i had to flash the object, once, and hold for a little and so on … Continue reading

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Refresher Rundown

  I like this shot because the back light is very defused because of the clouds. This element allows for the subject to be much darker than the light. With these combinations the overall composition is great. I would like … Continue reading

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Who Should Honda Choose to Save Their Baby

The photographers that i have looked at were Clint Clemens and Tim Wallace. Both photographers are great and have the experience, knowledge, and skill to bring the Honda FCX Clarity back and give more public awareness to the next step … Continue reading

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Cool Things You Can Do With Glass and Water

I chose this photo because i like how the arrangement of a glass of water can actually be arranged in a way to make it a lot more interesting. I also like the viewing angle f this composition. Having it … Continue reading

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