HW1{Tim Wallace for Honda}

As the art director for Honda’s new FCX Clarity,  it is imperative that my photographer of choice knows how to capture the essence of Honda’s contemporary line. The main focus of this new model is to emphasize the importance of an environmentally safe alternative to conventional fossil fuel automotives. The photographer chosen would be given the task of providing an innovative visual that will give new meaning to the phrase “cutting-edge” and will ultimately skew what the public views as “inferior electric cars”.

My thoughts on Clint Clemens are not as profound as those on Tim Wallace, I do however admire his piece for Volkswagen. Most of the images are shot using selective focus, which gives the photos depth, in terms of what the viewer should pay attention to, as well as his choice in use of  natural sunlight; which is always a quality i look for, i believe makes the image more crisp and viewable in my opinion. The image also targets a certain viewer, which is clearly families; the overall mood is happy, sunny, and adventurous.

The winner for me today would be Tim Wallace. I feel he has the best quality of imagery that gives the best visual for what Honda’s new model needs. His use of low key tones in the majority of his photography gives his work a very dramatic look. He also shoots from many viewpoints which is great for car sales, and always has a very sharp focus in his visuals , which makes the product look extremely classy. I feel the mood he portrays in the majority of his work may help with targeting a younger demographic because of his use of recurring dark tones, but will still attract a more mature crowd because of the dramatic feel he produces , as well as the seriousness he adds to all of his work.

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  1. rmichals says:

    If you want to create an elegant or classy image for the Honda, Tim Wallace is your photographer. If as you state in the beginning, you want to emphasize the car’s environmental advantages, I am not sure Tim Wallace fits that bill.

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