The Honda FCX Clarity is a highly sleek and “classy” looking vehicle. For a campaign for this car, one would need to capitalize upon it’s strengths, which are mainly it’s very modern design.  Each photograph should make the car “pop” or in other words stand out, drawing it’s buyers in. There is only one photographer who can capture the very essence of this vehicle and really bring out it’s beauty in every photograph. That photographer is Tim Wallace, Tim Wallace is a fantastic photographer that has numerous amounts of photographic techniques in his arsenal. I chose Tim Wallace over the other two photographers’ Don Dixon and Clint Clemens, mainly because of his photographic mastery of contrast. Wallace’s photos all have a wide range of contrast, which assist’s the subject by making it stand out. He has great control over the use of  low key, rich dark shadows, and nicely controlled lights which are not over exposed. This use of full scale and high contrast gives his work a serious and realistic feel, which is essential for the Honda FCX Clarity. His works are also highly sharp and crisp, which will tie in well with the Honda’s sleek design. Going even further, Tim Wallace is not a boring designer, he doesn’t have to stay traditional and just have a plain symmetrical design with the Honda. He has experience using shallow depth and extensive depth of field in his various works, by incorporating that into a design for Honda Clarity he can spice up the overall feel of the car by shooting it in different environments to make it feel more dynamic.

All in all I strongly believe Tim Wallace is the perfect photographer to help the Honda FCX Clarity shine. With his intuitive and dynamic photographic style, Honda would be surely be a cut above the rest. Morgan Gotham 2013 warmed

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  1. rmichals says:

    If you want to make the car look “classy,” Tim Wallace is a good choice. Through three use of the contrast of light and dark and dynamic or as symmetrical framing, it is clear Wallace could accomplish what you want. In the example you posted however, the car itself is “classy” while the location and the way it is photographed not so much.

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