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Today’s Best

this photo for me was very fun to shoot, Justin and I were very fluid with our movements which provided for the great action you see .

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Today’s Best

I enjoy the vibrance of the colors of the water in these photo’s , especially the green water . the way it swirls as the blue water flows  freely , provides for great composition .

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Today’s best

this is my favorte image today, it was composed of using a very slow shutter speed, and some extra flash lights and color filters , my group and i were able to create this light writing photo

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Personal Fav

  Due to the direction of the lighting the egg appears to be very smooth. the light is very soft and provides a shadow as well as the eggs reflection. I really like the way it appears in photograph, its … Continue reading

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Today’s Best 9/16

  I really enjoy the feeling this photo conveys, the lighting is diffused which makes the model’s face softer, fuller and brighter

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Today’s Best

i think this photo was my best today. i like how up close and personal the photo is, and how clearly you can see this persons hair fibers, it also gives forth a dark mood, and a low key image

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HW1{Tim Wallace for Honda}

As the art director for Honda’s new FCX Clarity,  it is imperative that my photographer of choice knows how to capture the essence of Honda’s contemporary line. The main focus of this new model is to emphasize the importance of … Continue reading

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Learning Log 1:Chris collins

This photo by Chris Collins stuck out to me because of the view point as well as the tone and or contrast. From my observation it seems the type of lighting used may be Directional-Diffused lighting, or maybe Revealing Lighting. … Continue reading

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