The Honda FCX Clarity Is the one of Honda’s brand new line of Electric Vehicles. However the Public sees it as an inferior alternative to the traditional car which is hurting sales in return. The Honda FCX Clarity has just about as much power as the traditional car while saving costs on gas and protecting the environment.

Don Dixon uses a low key tone for most of his images, which gave me the impression that it was dull and the setting of his pictures where bland old places witch didn’t fit with my image of the car. As for  Tim Wallace’s images they  where play full, funny and vibrant but we don’t want consumers to see the car as a joke and his style doesn’t fit with the point we are trying to get across

My job as art director has lead me to choose Clint Clemens as my photographer over Don Dixon and Tim Wallace. I Chose  as my photographer Specifically because his photographs fit my image of the Honda FCX Clarity. The car is new and uses technology not well known to the public, so I would imagine this image as a representative of the car

volvo-xc70                The lighting in this image emphasizes the vehicle symbolizing that the car is bright, new and relevant. Although Honda FCX Clarity is a fuel cell Electric Vehicle It still has a lot of power and can be shown by the images deep space and Extensive depth of field.   It is shown by the distortion as if the car is travelling at a incredible speed which in turn shows its power.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Good clear argument! You make a very strong connection between the photographers’ styles and the image you want to project for the Honda.

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