Who Should Honda Choose to Save Their Baby

The photographers that i have looked at were Clint Clemens and Tim Wallace. Both photographers are great and have the experience, knowledge, and skill to bring the Honda FCX Clarity back and give more public awareness to the next step in motor vehicles. As the Art director of this project i have chosen Tim Wallace to do the photo-shoot. Tim Wallace’s style of photography is exactly what we at Honda need in order to give the public a new view on our FCX. He makes the cars into art forms and comes up with creative ways to light the cars as well as great  ideas to make a traditional car ad look bad and out of date. Having his style of photography on board would get our audiences in a more wider spectrum. His style generates through the young adult buyer, but also resonates within the older demographic.

Tim Wallace’s style of photography has more of a traditional lighting approach buy using a 3 point lighting system and having a wide angle lens to capture more than just the car, in some scenarios. But also allows the background to come and play as well. Cars are personal. Cars you buy and you drive them for many years so we as a company need to instill this type of imagery to our potential and future buyers.

His style of photography is great. The reason why is that his still does not lead only one direction, but can go either way and this versatility and his aesthetic eye is valuable and is something that this company needs in order to sell the better, more fuel efficient car that also runs on electricity and it is better for the environment.


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  1. rmichals says:

    I am unclear what direction you would want to take the campaign in. If you want to make the car look upscale, Tim Wallace is a great choice. Try to be more specific. when you write that his style appeals to both a young and older audience we still don’t know what about his style appeals to both younger and older consumers.

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