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m exposures

I like the strong sense  symmetry in this image. The lighting is strong in the center  and the ghosting gets stronger on the outside  and center of the image witch helps show the symmetry of the image.

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I believe this is my personal best mainly because the angle of the light running down the pineapple creates a shadow creating an interesting shadow. The texture of the pineapple and the transition of color is also nice

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I like this photograph because it looks as if the stuffed animal is proud and strong with his head held high and his eyes looking forward. I believe the lighting helps a lot in the description because its over exposed … Continue reading

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This image is my favorite because of how the camera is at such a low angle the shadow the egg casts is so narrow. The angle at witch the egg is positions gives it this natural circler shape and the shadow … Continue reading

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The Honda FCX Clarity Is the one of Honda’s brand new line of Electric Vehicles. However the Public sees it as an inferior alternative to the traditional car which is hurting sales in return. The Honda FCX Clarity has just … Continue reading

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