Illustrated Harmonious Moment research and final preparatory drawings. Final Version

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This is my harmonious moment dedicated to my aunt in Ecuador. One moment, I was in Archidona, Ecuador and it was really nice and relaxing then my eyes caught my aunt reading a book in the plain grass filled with roses in the sunset. It was a harmonious moment for me because that moment opened my eyes to such a beautiful event with nature and its surroundings. It was all dedicated to the proportion colors in the right with the garden that made me recapture the moment I saw my aunt in Archidona. I will never forget that event.


Illustrated Harmonious Moment research and final preparatory drawings.

Final Preparatory Image Proportional


The preparatory drawing displays the colors of the sky and the heavens. These colors show the moment I had when I was in Archidona, Ecuador when I first laid hands on the clean waters of the river and swam on it for the first time. The first time I felt the water on my hands was like the sky filled with shining light of the sun. I will not forget that moment I had and it was like a sensational feeling I had that made me open my eyes to the world beyond my imagination.

My trip to the Letterpress II

The return of the letterpress had continued to astonish me even more. What I learn is how City Tech makes its own books through the same process as the trip to the Federation of the teachers trips. The cutting machine has the same method as the federation and that is to put two hands to the two buttons and cut the edge piece. To make a book with the stables and to connect the book is to be placed by the machine and then press the machine box. The trip really got me interested in creating a book and how the books are created through staples and binds either metallic or plastic.

My trip to the United Federation of Teachers

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Alberto Caicedo

Graphic Communications 1111



My trip to the United Federation of Teachers was an astonishing trip to the point that make me change my views of printing. The printing is taking to a whole new level that redefines that evolution of printing and art. The art of printing has new forms of things waiting to happen. I felt new paper forms on the palm of my hand and it changed my views forever. Now there is an evolution of 3d printing that really had me interested. Printing in the form of trigonometrically architects and internal designing. It really shows its more architectural designing and its machinery that revolves around printing. The designing had me interested in ways not even myself can describe.

In the trip, I saw various types of machines that performs a very specific function of either folding envelope to printing on very certain material papers. The one that interested me was the paper cutting machine that allows the cutting board to cut the paper without leaving any error-cut. The machine detects your hand and it is only operational if the person pushes two buttons with both hands. The different methods of printing caught my interests in how a comic book or any posters work and is made. The cutting machine can cut up to 500 sheets of paper.

What caught my interests the most was the poster that I got to see and with the magnifying glass was able to see the little pixels like a dot. The pixels represents the level of high resolution and the detail of the color on the poster. In my opinion, I just the poster is done, just by Photoshop and then print. It turns out that the whole method is not as simple as I thought it would be. The method turned out to complex in developing a good high resolution poster rather than just a regular piece of poster. What I learned is that they do not joke around when it comes down to making letters or books. They are like perfectionists making sure that every item looks and feels brand new rather than feeling just crap.

The federation of teachers shows a complex and amazing method to create methods and make posters and books. The machinery was very expensive and I was really glad that they did not have to pay for all of the equipment. The government did its part on buying and now is the job of workers to handle the method of printing and who knows maybe I would apply in creating 3d printing and making architectural shapes. The trip really opened my eyes and made me view printing as an interesting method in making paper.



The Robo-tech logo is designed to demonstrate my interest in technology and its evolution in the modern era. I am interested in its evolution of technology and the next step to adapting into new forms of technologies that are holographic and new. Red is my favorite color and shows how technology is represented in my colors, but I choose red because the technology of our era is adapting to ways we can not imagine and in the future a new form of technology is made.


The three articles from Assignment 8

  • In the website,, I got to explore the arts that each individual artists demonstrated. They each display a pattern of the office with its color textures and gorgeous scenes about the stadium within the horizon caught my attention on the brightness of the sun shining on the horizon. The image then leads to the nuerons in the brain and how each neuron is a repetition of an art and the artist display the light neurons on our head that are carried by protein and each light shows electrical circuits transporting data in a millisecond of time.
  • In the website,‐e dge‐the‐high‐cost‐of‐free.html, What really caught my attention the most was the Coca-Cola bottle display that David Butlet display by taking the pictures of the Coca-Cola bottles that are exploded due to the amount of sugar put in. The results were staggering and the display was beautiful that each bottle of the exploded soda shooting up shows different textures and textures each bottle displays.
  • In the website, he NY Times “Adobe Future is in the Past”;‐adobe‐the‐future‐is‐in‐ the‐past/, the page is not found.