My trip to the United Federation of Teachers

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Alberto Caicedo

Graphic Communications 1111



My trip to the United Federation of Teachers was an astonishing trip to the point that make me change my views of printing. The printing is taking to a whole new level that redefines that evolution of printing and art. The art of printing has new forms of things waiting to happen. I felt new paper forms on the palm of my hand and it changed my views forever. Now there is an evolution of 3d printing that really had me interested. Printing in the form of trigonometrically architects and internal designing. It really shows its more architectural designing and its machinery that revolves around printing. The designing had me interested in ways not even myself can describe.

In the trip, I saw various types of machines that performs a very specific function of either folding envelope to printing on very certain material papers. The one that interested me was the paper cutting machine that allows the cutting board to cut the paper without leaving any error-cut. The machine detects your hand and it is only operational if the person pushes two buttons with both hands. The different methods of printing caught my interests in how a comic book or any posters work and is made. The cutting machine can cut up to 500 sheets of paper.

What caught my interests the most was the poster that I got to see and with the magnifying glass was able to see the little pixels like a dot. The pixels represents the level of high resolution and the detail of the color on the poster. In my opinion, I just the poster is done, just by Photoshop and then print. It turns out that the whole method is not as simple as I thought it would be. The method turned out to complex in developing a good high resolution poster rather than just a regular piece of poster. What I learned is that they do not joke around when it comes down to making letters or books. They are like perfectionists making sure that every item looks and feels brand new rather than feeling just crap.

The federation of teachers shows a complex and amazing method to create methods and make posters and books. The machinery was very expensive and I was really glad that they did not have to pay for all of the equipment. The government did its part on buying and now is the job of workers to handle the method of printing and who knows maybe I would apply in creating 3d printing and making architectural shapes. The trip really opened my eyes and made me view printing as an interesting method in making paper.

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