The three articles from Assignment 8

  • In the website,, I got to explore the arts that each individual artists demonstrated. They each display a pattern of the office with its color textures and gorgeous scenes about the stadium within the horizon caught my attention on the brightness of the sun shining on the horizon. The image then leads to the nuerons in the brain and how each neuron is a repetition of an art and the artist display the light neurons on our head that are carried by protein and each light shows electrical circuits transporting data in a millisecond of time.
  • In the website,‐e dge‐the‐high‐cost‐of‐free.html, What really caught my attention the most was the Coca-Cola bottle display that David Butlet display by taking the pictures of the Coca-Cola bottles that are exploded due to the amount of sugar put in. The results were staggering and the display was beautiful that each bottle of the exploded soda shooting up shows different textures and textures each bottle displays.
  • In the website, he NY Times “Adobe Future is in the Past”;‐adobe‐the‐future‐is‐in‐ the‐past/, the page is not found.

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