ADV1100: Graphic Design Principals 1

Course Description:

This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will learn the language and process of design thinking and gain a solid foundation in design principles and practices.

Work Samples




What I learned from this course is represented through these pictures

The mash-up is my achievement because I have formed the unity of both monotonous and variety lines. Monotonous line is a smooth and curve line based on the music I have heard called, The Man of Steel – The Ideal of Hope. and some of the Variety lines from the music, Death Note Opening 2 soundtrack. The lines made me come up with a form of idea of swirls and stars. The lines always made me came up with the idea of my favorite piano player.

The Value-Added Portraits are another achievements during the color and design courses. The Image above is a high – value key based on the picture of my face. I cut individual pieces of my hair and post it as a tree and a high contrast of light surrounding the image. The image below the high key is the low key of my face cut into individual pieces and set them as a low key portrait and paint them. The painting was a challenge for me because I did not want to add to much white to set it as grey or to much black for my hair because it is lighter.  But, overall the greatest difficulty turned out to be my greatest achievement.

I truly loved doing the free study because I partnered up with Ashley and we had to research and determine what is our color and what color is both our favorite color. We like red because it is our prime color of everything: the heart, blood, apple, etc. and my second favorite  color that Ashley picked for me was blue while she like purple. While we have decided what color to put, we researched what is our desire. Ashley’s desire was fashion so I decided red shoes but with design while I was technology that is advancing. I loved doing this project and it was my final greatest achievement.