Riverside Church – Diego Vega

The Riverside Church is a full splendor. The church that was built in 1927 is one of purest structure and one of the most acknowledged places in New York nowadays. Many important characters have given speeches in this admirable place such as, Martin Luther King Jr. in his opposition to the Vietnam War at Riverside on August 9. Worth considering the Riverside Church as a unique structure that has the perfect qualities of how a church should be structurally and functionally. From the outset, the Riverside Church has been a complex social service, with a day care center, a library, classrooms, etc. and what disappoints me and makes so angry is the decision of some owners to make the Riverside Church a court of justice and as a part of the plan this new project consists of demolishing a 75% of the structure in order to make the required areas and spaces that a court needs. This pretended project is an insult and a degrading idea; practically, I call it a violation to the history and structural process of the Riverside Church and even a lack of respect to the humanity of the people who are part of the church; people who day by day work to preserve the truth value and the tradition of the Riverside Church; considered as a master piece by those skilled in this matter.

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